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Some Half-Life maps and stuff I've made
Standard Death Match
Greger (215kb) An indoor arena with a small outher area. Bild1 Bild2 Bild3
Ground Zero (283) An outdoor map with crates and some buildings etc. Bild1 Bild2
Last Resort (296) Some kind of boot camp.. Bild1 Bild2 Bild3
Mortal Madness (256kb) My first map for Half-Life. Bild1 Bild2
Mortal Madness 2 (306kb) A sequel.. Bild1 Bild2 Bild3 Bild4

Box_Camp (125kb) A map for Boxwar, with a loading area style.
BoxBot (174kb) A bot for Boxwar, witch is a modification of the HPB_bot that Botman has created. Note that you have to read the Boxwar-readme.txt because there are some changes that has to be done for this to work.




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