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[03.10.05] Counter-Life [New maps]

A while ago I made a quite simple practice mod for HL. What I did was that I added spawnpoints for Human Grunts on death match maps. And now I've converted these maps for Counter-Life so you can run around and pick up a little cooler fire power instead of the regular HL weapons. Hehe.

DOWNLOAD Contains the maps: ss_stalkyard, ss_crossfire, ss_subtransit and ss_undertow.
1,79 MB (1 880 909 bytes)

Played Half-Life single player? Played Half-Life multi player? Played Counter-Strike? Combine those, what do you get?
Single player death match multi player? Ehrm.. Counter-Life on HL death match maps anyway..

One thing that's much better with these maps is that the suit online play much more. On my old maps, the enemies just didn't come back anymore at some point.. Well now the action won't end until the map ends. And wheter you wanna play cooperative or compete over who kills most grunts, either works fine. Heh. The main weapon places are the same. I've tried to keep it as standard as it can be.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Set: "mp_allowmonsters" to "1" if you haven't already done that. And hey! The grunts won't appear for about a minute so don't give up. And after that the grunts will spawn randomly over the maps, so you'll always have to be on your guard! But if you forget "mp_allowmonsters", your waiting could get kinda long.

And I highly recommend to use these scripts (or if you have some of your own) if you wanna stay alive! :)
bind "z" "+use;wait;-use;menuselect 7;wait;menuselect 2;wait;slot10" //Full ammo for current weapon
bind "x" "+use;wait;-use;menuselect 6;wait;menuselect 1;wait;slot10" //Buys armor or healt (depenting on the machine)
bind "c" "+use;wait;-use;menuselect 6;wait;menuselect 2;wait;slot10" //Buys a HE grenade
And of course "z,x,c" can be whatever button you want. I for one use delete, end and page down, since I play with the arrow keys. You can of course use a long jump script as well..

There shouldn't be any problems playing any of these maps. I've been playing with a clean install of HL, CL and SyntaxxSeven's HD pack. But if there's any issues feel free to contact me at or via the Counter-Life forums.

The old site with the death match and coop maps can be found here.




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